Longevity DVD series

Seminar: part 1

Chapter 11 of the Longevity DVD series is a seminar that I gave in 2010 at Armbrust Pro Gym in Denver, Colorado.

I cover everything from A to Z about my methods used for dieting clients to get peeled and to get incredibly lean.

I also discuss how Skiploading evolved from Shitloading and I discuss diet structure and diet planning to get into your best condition while not losing muscle.

Terms discussed in the "Seminar: part 1" video:

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About Ken Skip Hill

Ken Skip Hill has been bodybuilding for more than 25 years, competed for more than 19 years, is an NPC judge and an expert in bodybuilding contest preparation.

His approach to dieting and training is so unique in many ways, that athletes started naming one of his revolutionary techniques after him and created the term "Skiploading".

Whether you are a male or female IFBB pro bodybuilder, a national level bodybuilder, a fitness or figure competitor, an amateur or a professional athlete, Ken Skip Hill will get you in the best shape of your life, guaranteed !

If you also want to get in the best shape of your life as fast as possible, contact Skip now for a personalized plan at [email protected].